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Foreign exchange


Save time and money on your
international currency transfers

Online or over the phone we provide a safe, secure way of transferring money overseas. Our experts will monitor the currency markets on your behalf – achieving the best possible rates of exchange.

Using Moneycorp – The main benefits:
  • Highly competitive exchange rates
  • No commission.
  • We will absorb any international transfer charges*
  • Fast transfers, low fees.
  • Ability to fix exchange rates for a set time period, protecting you from adverse currency movements.
  • Expert guidance from your own dedicated Account Manager.
  • No cost and no obligation in opening a Trading Facility.
So why use Moneycorp?

Because making transfers with Moneycorp is faster, more convenient and more cost effective. Whether you’re making regular transfers, or simply need to make a one-off payment, they don’t charge commission and guarantee no receiving bank charges. They also offer free information and guidance on the currency markets, helping you decide on the best time to buy.

We can help you to buy the foreign currency you need.

Moneycorp will take care of your international foreign exchange and payment requirements, so that you can concentrate on your purchase. You can make a one-off payment, or arrange a series of monthly payments using their Regular Payment Plan.

About Moneycorp

Moneycorp is a trading name of TTT Moneycorp Limited, which has been dealing in foreign exchange since 1979 and last year traded over £11 billion in currencies. The company has been accredited to ISO 9000 Quality Assurance since 1996 – a unique achievement in the foreign exchange industry – and has offices in the UK, Australia, Spain and the USA. The Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Special Opportunities Fund is a significant shareholder in the Group.

* When making an international payment, we will ensure that the full amount arrives in your beneficiary account. However, due to the Payment Services Regulations 2009, we cannot guarantee that the bank receiving your funds will not then deduct a fee once the money has been deposited. We suggest that you contact the beneficiary bank for clarification on potential charges.

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